We have built its success over the years by providing friendly customer service. Manufacturing high quality custom transformers and inductors is the mainstay of our business. We offer a full spectrum of products and services that will help bring down costs and improve lead time in manufacturing. Our goal is to become the benchmark of the electronic industry and help our customers develop the next cutting edge in technology.


Design Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom design of all types of bobbins, toroidal, magnetic, coil windings to customer drawings specifications and we also offer the ability to create products to meet RoHS Standards. We specialize in low, medium, and high pulse frequency. Miniature to medium size Ferrite Transformers, Metglas Core, Pot Cores, E-Cores, EP-Cores, Kool Mu, MPP, High Flux, XFlux, AmoFlux, Amorphous Alloy Core, Iron Powder Core, Toroidal Transformers, Power Transformers, Power Inductors, Coils and so much more. Other specialties such as custom size air coils, some PCB assembly and other custom made assemblies.

Our equipment capabilities includes automatic Encapsulation processing, Automatic Toroidal Winding Machine (24AWG - 42AWG), Heavy-duty Automatic Toroidal and Toroidal Hook Winding Machines (8AWG - 23AWG), High-speed Coil and Transformer Winding Machine (15AWG - 48AWG), Heavy-Duty Coil and Transformer Winding Machines (6AWG to 14AWG).

Project Management Capabilities

Quality Assurance Capabilities

Just In Time Delivery System.

100% Electronic testing including Hi Pot DC and AC, Turns Ratio, Inductance, Resistance, Capcitances Testing Equipment, Test Phasing, and dimensional verification.

Testing | Equipment Capabilities

We have a wide variety of, Hand Tools and Dies for Crimping Applications, RoHS Soldering Equipment, Semi-Automated Terminating Equipment, Continuity Testers and much more....

Manufacturing custom electronic components is our mainstay of our business. We have been manufacturing for over 30 years and we are dedicated to provide high quality products for all of our customers.



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