Other companies only talk about service, we at Beverly Manufacturing perform SERVICE. We will work with your purchasing and materials department to ensure a steady supply of product to your door...without a glitch. We will stock and ship your custom transformers in accordance with any Just-In-Time System that you may currently have in place.


For the past several years, Beverly Manufacturing has been supplying product to customers that utilize the many programs that fulfill auto replenishment inventory...such as BEM (Bar Control Enterprise Manager) and POURS, or any other EDI Systems that your company may have in ready for scanning, right to your stockroom or production floor.


Should you not have a Just-In-Time System in place, there is no worry...we will stock your custom transformers on our shelves. With a simple phone call or e-mail, we will ship your parts the very same day and make sure that you will never run out of your custom products. Whether you buy 10 transformers per year or 100,000 transformers per year, we treat every customer with the same quality standards of excellence and service.

Manufacturing custom electronic components is our mainstay of our business. We have been manufacturing for over 30 years and we are dedicated to provide high quality products for all of our customers.



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