Custom Ferrite Transformers

Custom Ferrite Transformers

Manufacturing ferrite transformers can be used in applications, such as switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) designed for high-frequency operation. There are several types and shapes of ferrite cores, such as E Cores, I Cores, ETD Cores, EFD Cores, and EER Cores. Ferrite transformers have the potential to be much smaller size-to-power ratio than a conventional laminated-iron transformers. Even though ferrite transformers do not have the same capabilities as a power transformer, which can run at much lower frequencies using silicon steel laminate, ferrite cores are excellent in the higher frequency range for power delivery devices. Major industries in the medical, automotive, military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial fields use ferrite transformers for equipment that is sensitive to the outside elements and other electronics systems.

Various types of ferrite transformers.

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